When opening Lost Dog Cafe’ in 2002, we knew we wanted a laid back beach cafe. We would serve breakfast all day featuring huge breakfast burritos, bagel sandwiches and some good coffee. We wanted a place where the staff was friendly and the locals and tourists could eat, meet and mingle, a gathering place.

But first some things needed to be accomplished… like major work on the building, menu planning, and of course, what to call this new endeavor. We were discussing our options one evening while walking with our two four legged advisors, Patch and Hocus.

When Hocus, aptly named for disappearing stints, took off at full speed leaving us in her wake, brought the futile naming of the restaurant to a halt. Only to find the answer we were looking for was right there… Lost Dog Cafe. Hocus soon returned, and as she was bounding towards us we knew we had found our logo and mascot.

We enjoyed four years on Center Street meeting the folks of Folly, learning the secret to grits and starting our own dog wall of fame. Then it seemed like it happened over night, we had out grown our location. We sought out a new home for “the dog” and bought the old laundry mat on West Huron.

At first glance it looked like an old grey cement battleship. But if you looked beyond that you saw the beautiful Community Gardens, the much needed space and a new home for the Lost Dog Cafe. After a year of construction and many negotiations, we are happy to continue to offer Folly a great place to eat, meet and mingle.

We hope you agree, please come by and give us a bark.

Find Us

106 West Huron Ave Folly Beach, SC 29439